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I do believe in supporting American workers.I believe in "Made in The USA" and "Union Made".

Everything I wear is Made in America and Union Made. I support retailers who handle these items exclusively, so I do most of my shopping on line. This brings me to the point, be careful of www.unionlabel.com. I am not trying to instigate a boycott or anything of that nature.

I ordered 3 pr. of Union Line carpenter jeans and they sent them to the wrong address. It took quite a while to get this mess straightened out, because they wanted to recover those 3 pr before they made my order right. I think they were trying to figure a way not send me the jeans, but I had a confirmation email from them clearly stating the delivery address, also a copy of the shipping label from UPS.

Finally, I got my jeans. Then I placed an order for 3 pr. of the Union Line five pocket jeans. All 3 pr of jeans were marked my size 40x32, but one pair was to small.

I said nothing about this because a brother on the job bought from me. Then I ordered a single pair of these jeans, 40x32 they were also a size to small. I sent them back this time explaining the problem. I received a pair today and they are a size to small.

I have ordered six pair of jeans and five fit perfectly. I called and told them about it and the man talked to me like I am an ***, "Sir, we don't manufacture them here." My point to him was he might want to contact the manufacturer, someone is tagging some of these the wrong size.

They have a heckuva deal if you buy 3 pr.just hasn't been a very good deal for me.

Review about: Union Line Jeans.



I've stopped doing business with these guys. They do a poor job, quality control is lacking, and customer service is very nice one time, talks down to you the next (it's YOUR fault they sent the wrong item, or two items marked as the same size are demonstrably different sizes).


I have the exact same issue going on.I ordered two pair of jeans from them in May.

One pair fit fine and the other was too tight. Even though they were both labeled as the same size.

I contacted the company and after a couple weeks of emails they finally sent me a return label.I mailed the jeans back three weeks ago but still haven't been contacted by them or received a new pair of jeans.


Union Label is a great palce to order from, this anonymous complainer sounds more like a competiter

to USA MAN Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #616517

USA MAN, I am not an anonymous complainer, nor am I a competitor.I am a member of the IBEW.

I support and buy 'Made in the USA'. This incident really happened and it has never been resolved. As I said I am not trying to convince people not to buy from them. Who you buy from is your business.

All I was trying to do was make them aware of a problem and the guy talked to me like I was a piece of ***.

Look back at the last part of my statement, i said it was a great deal that could not be beat.I am not a whiner, I simply beleive in getting what I pay for.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #582582

Unionlabel is a great site and well worth doing business with

They sell only american made and treat their customers well

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